Equestrian collection - Polo - Windsor


A colourful polo themed bracelet.

  • Dark brown leather framework
  • Brown stitching
  • A bronze coloured 2cm horse head button closure
  • A mix of glass and Amazonite beads
  • The beaded length is 8 inches plus one knot fastenings, total length 9.5 inches.
  • Very soft and comfortable to wear

  • Amazonite is great for the nervous system, and is a stone known for encouraging good luck.

    If you like this piece but need a different size or material then do get in touch and I can see if I can make one for you

    To determine the fit of your bracelet, measure round the wrist with something soft like some ribbon, so that it feels slightly snug on the area of the wrist that you would like the bracelet to fit.
    Most bracelets have two knot options or you can add to or re knot what is already there .
    If the tails of the Bracelet is too long once fitted, you can trim the ends. Making sure that you leave a bit at the end for future adjustments.

    Leather is a natural product and can have differences in texture and colour. You will also find that the fit will relax a little over time as you wear it.

    All items are handmade so there may be slight differences and imperfections, but that will make them more unique!